Who We Are

Parallel dimension is not just a health care website, it is an invitation for all those who do not want to get stuck in a life long loop of medications for their Medical condition.

It’s an introduction to a holistic approach of recovering where you learn to manage your medical conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, prostate, cholesterol and liver functions. It’s an opportunity to achieve holistic Wellbeing

What We Recommend

Eat Healthy

Eating Real Food, in The Right Proportions is very important, equally important is knowing when to Eat and when not to Eat, that's when Food Becomes Medicine

Follow The Regime

Once you know what your Diet and Wellness plan is, Follow it sincerely, your dedication will fetch you the results that you seek

Healthy Living

Set your goal to live an Active and Vibrant Life free of any and all medications. Let your Energy Level decide your Fitness Status

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